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Charter Accountancy

Joshi & Bhandary [J&B] (renamed from C. B. Joshi & Co.), a partnership firm established under the laws of Nepal was established in 1975 by CA Chandra Bhakta Joshi and is currently managed under the leadership of our managing partner CA Prabhu Ram Bhandary. It is one of the leading, reputed and oldest accounting and auditing firms in Nepal.

The Firm has expanded its operations in recent years, with consistent effort to transform its more traditional activities of accounting and auditing to emerge as a multi disciplinary professional services firm, in order to provide its clients improve business performance and achieve competitive advantage.

Total staff strength of the firm is 50 including article trainees pursuing CA final course with ICAN.  In addition many other staff of varied background and expertise i.e IT experts, lawyers, civil engineers, medical and other field experts etc work for the firm on contractual basis.   

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Chater Accountacy


Minimum Fee Criteria

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN) Council as per its  [...]


Notice regarding applicability of Nepal Financial Reporting Standards (NFRS)

The notice regarding applicability o  [...]

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Chater Accountacy

Vacancy - Chartered Accountant and other qualified personnel

JB always strives to keep a dynamic work force from various fields. The firms maintains a HR recruitment plan so as to have sufficient work force at all times so that the firm can deliver the services to the satisfaction of the client.

Available Vacancies at present

- Chartered Accountants (ICAN, ICAI) - Positions available ...

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