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Direct Tax / Indirect Tax/ Value Added Tax/ Tax Risks and Human Capital

Businesses irrespective of their size, industry and place of operation are ever more exposed to rapidly changing trends in tax regulation resulting from global economic scenario. Hence for most companies, and non governmental organization, effectively managing tax issues is challenging enough. Where can you turn to find professionals with an in-depth understanding of tax issues? Where can you find advisers who combine technical tax knowledge with practical business skills to craft the planning and compliance strategies that work for your business? Most importantly, where can you find tax expert team that not only understands the tax implications inherent to each of your business, but can also design integrated solutions that minimize your company's overall tax burden?  We at Joshi and Bhandary helps clients from exploring the potential tax issues of their business to assisting with compliance efforts to helping you adhere to rigorous regulatory requirements.  Further, our tax professionals have the experience and manpower to deliver the attention you need.

We provide the following services under our tax practice.

•  Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Consulting and compliance
•  Value Added Tax (VAT) Consulting and compliance
•  Personal Income Tax (PIT) Consulting and compliance
•  Import duty and duty drawback processes advisory
•  Various tax advisory services on referral basis. 
•  Tax implication on employment Compensation and benefits
•  Capital Gains tax compliance
•  Work Permit Issues pertaining to local tax provisions
•  Regulations and Guidelines on Foreign Investments
•  Tax Audits
•  Preparing and submitting tax returns / tax filing
•  Representing clients with tax and other government authorities