HRM Policies of our firm

Charter Accountancy

J&B recruits, develops and retains some of the industry's outstanding analytical and creative workforce - fostering their development in a way that enhances their value to our clients, to themselves and to our firm.  Our people have extensive professional experience to work in various industries and services lines with strong educational backgrounds. They are recruited on the basis of the quality and breadth of their experience, as well as on their sense of initiative, service, innovation and team spirit.

J&B believes that PEOPLE are its only primary assets. We are committed to providing equal opportunity to people interested to join our Firm, committed to providing state of the art working environment and enhance the quality of life of its - both professional and personal. The key principles of our HR Policy is to,

  • Attract and retain competent professionals
  • Identify dynamic and exceptional talent
  • Enhance/ nurture existing talents and build new ones
  • Provide strategic guidance in career development and learning curve

Recruitment of our staff normally goes through the process of need assessment, publicizing the vacancy, review/ screening of applications, selection procedures (oral and written) and finally the appointment. Every year we have staff evaluation exercise, where we decide the promote staff, increase remuneration, evaluate performance, upgrade skills. When necessary, we also have mid -year evaluation for exceptional professionals

J&B has in house training programs for improving knowledge, and refining of skills so that the staff can better meet the challenges of a complex and ever changing environment. This also enhances the staff proficiency and ensures quality of services provided by the Firm. The Firm conducts in house CPE programs related accounts, audit and Industry expertise skill, report writing twice every calendar month. In an average, 40 CPE hours (per annum) are conducted by the Firm wherein at least 20 hours have to be logged in by the Firm personnel.